Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back from Asia and Celebrating all God did!

What an amazing God we serve! He is at work accomplishing His will for His glory whether we are here in America, in Cambodia, in India or anywhere His people are abandoned to Him.  It was a true blessing to see God at work calling many to be His disciples across Asia.  God said through the prophet Hosea, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6.  Jesus said, “The fields are white unto harvest.”  Luke 10:2.  The reality of both statements hit Joan and I square in the face as we visited villages across Cambodia and India.

By simply sharing the story from Creation to Christ we had the privilege of seeing close to 1,000 new believers enter God’s Kingdom.  The simple sharing of these truths gave hundreds the knowledge needed to know where to put their faith.  Yes, the fields are white for harvest!  When the message was told the people responded!

The heavy persecution in some of the areas we worked does not permit us to share the specific details of the places and people we worked with.  However, we saw hundreds of Buddhists and Hindus leave their tradition and respond in faith after hearing of God’s love and plan for their lives.  Our main purpose was not simply evangelism.  Our purpose was to connect these new believers in house churches that would be a witness to reach their villages with the gospel.  We saw 45 new house churches started in areas where no gospel presence was known.  Each of these churches were left with a leader ready to continue the follow up we had already begun.  Each seemed to catch the vision of both reaching their village and establishing under the direction of the Holy Spirit new house churches in other villages as well.

Our hearts were especially touched one day by the resolve of a certain man of peace to reach his village. It was the second day that we had been in his village modeling the principles of leading a discipleship group with the many new believers when he brought the translator to us to share this heart, “ I know you have come a long way from the US to share with us and I want you to know that your labor has not been in vain.  Although it will take some time we will reach this whole village and beyond!” What words of faith!

That  fresh faith and boldness displayed by these transformed new believers ministered to us and strengthened our resolve to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.

We witnessed miracles of healing, deliverance and provision.   We saw baptisms in villages of over 10,000 people that had never recorded a baptism in the history of the village.  We saw people of peace raised up, leaders established and the spread of the Gospel continue on... all to the glory of God!

We want to thank you for your participation with us.  Many of you gave very sacrificially.  Without those gifts we could not have had the opportunity to go.  Many others prayed faithfully for our protection and our availability to be used by God.  God was faithful on both accounts.  We would love to share in more detail the countless victories God had while we were ministering in Asia and would have greater freedom one on one.  Please feel free to give us a call.  We would enjoy bragging on God!

Until the Nations Hear,
Mark & Joan
Romans 15:20-21

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Because He Came We Must Go (Isaiah 9:6)

The Haumschilt’s will be embarking upon a ministry tour of Asia December 27 through January 17.  This trip launches Co:Missions efforts to help fulfill Christ’s final words of taking the Gospel to  every tribe, tongue and people of the world.  (Over 90% of the unreached people groups of the world are in Asia)  The coalition that has been formed will allow us to have impact in ten key Asian nations.

We know we are not going alone.  First, so many of you have given sacrificially of your finances to fulfill what seemed impossible, the funding of this trip.  To God be the glory and each home be blessed!  Second, Countless numbers of you have agreed to pray for us and the work in Asia.  Thank you for entering this Spiritual Battlefield with us on your knees.   

While in Cambodia we will meet a team of twenty one from California and a key leader over a three nation alliance in Indochina.   One of our first goals is to develop leaders in a part of the world that really does not have any churches.  We will take several days to share the story of salvation in Christ alone as the only true God.  We will begin gathering the new believers in discipleship groups and are praying that we can leave four new churches in this highly Buddhist part of the world.    

Joan and I will then fly into Northern India where we will meet up with some American Chinese believers who have a heart to fulfill the great commission among the unreached Hindus of India.  We will also meet key Christian leaders who are over the work that is strategically trying to reach over a half billion people.  Again, much time meeting people and sharing the gospel will lay the ground work for what we believe will be a move of God.  As we gather the new believers into discipleship groups we are praying for ten new churches to begin.  

From their we will travel South to meet up with the key leaders in the Southern region of India.  We will be developing church leaders and helping believers go deeper in their walks with Jesus.  We will be filming a church planting movement that has experienced the planting of over two hundred churches in the past twelve months.  

Psalms 127 reminds us “Unless the Lord builds the house the laborer works in vain”.  Joan and I are so encouraged that this is not us but God.  God has had us on a journey that has been bring us to the end of our selves for months.  Now, he is opening doors and we are simply getting in on what He is already doing.  

We are asking you in honor of Jesus’ request in Luke 10:2 to set an alarm for every morning at 10:2 to pray for this work.  When we return we will share all God did through your prayers, and support.  

Until the Nations Hear,
Mark and Joan 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Up-date from the Haumschilt’s

God has put a burden on our hearts and a calling upon our lives to reach the unreached people groups of the world.  The past few months Joan and I have been strategically building a partnership that will advance this dream into reality.

An exciting opportunity to advance the Gospel in Asia is before us.  Two thousand years ago God’s Spirit sent Paul to this region and every person had opportunity to hear the truth according to Acts 19:10.  Today,  Asia is home to over ninety percent of the unreached people groups of the world.  Over two billion individuals have no access to the gospel.   A Indonesian peasant woman may travel for 5 kilometers a day to find water.  We consider that a sacrifice but at least she knows where to find it.  That same peasant women has no idea how to find forgiveness provided by Jesus.  

Joan and I  are embarking on an exploratory trip in December to the region of Asia as we begin to globally strategize to reach the many  unreached people groups of this region.   We will be traveling to Cambodia to a region of Buddhist followers that are unengaged with the Gospel.  Our purpose will be to plant four churches in the region and equip leaders to reproduce those churches.  We will then travel to two areas in India controlled by Muslims.  Those who follow Christ in the region are experiencing great persecution.  We will be trusting the Spirit again as we train leaders and help them to plant more churches reproduced by indigenous believers.  

The greater purpose of this exploratory trip is to understand better how to lead the work of  leaders across Asia in both new and established ministry.  We ultimately will be responsible for leading a strategy team of mission leaders who will intentionally pray, strategize and serve to see Acts 19:10 become a reality once again in the region.  

We ask for your prayers knowing God has huge plans for this partnership.  May  He display His glory and accomplish all that He desires.

Until the Nations Hear,
Revelation 7:9

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back from Brazil

Our team is back from Brazil rejoicing in what God did in them and through them.  I am so grateful that I could participating in a move of God in the hearts of hundreds of people.  To witness so many from our U.S. team lead their first person to Christ gave me several holy moments.  Watching God orchestrate events for His Glory beyond our abilities was humbling. 

God also did a great work in the Brazilians who were with us.  Two of our translators had never lead some one to the Lord prior to the trip.  They were able to lead over two hundred to the Lord by the end of the trip.  Both are now equipped to keep doing the work of the Kingdom.  The lead Pastor in the area, Pastor Leno was greatly encouraged  through the efforts of our team.  He spoke of how what God did in the week would have taken years for them to accomplish.  Pastor Leno asked if Co:Mission could return in January for leadership development.  Pray about our response to this request.  

Our team members were stretched in sharing their faith.  All of us were strengthened in our walk with Jesus having to believe God for His faithfulness moment by moment.  relationships and fellowship with all on the team allowed us to bond closer in Christ for years to come.

Hearing our team members share on Facebook now that they have returned has been a huge blessing.  Their excitement over the whole experience reminds me why Joan and I have dedicated our lives to helping the church in America fulfill the great Commission.  Few things compare to fulfilling Christ final command of taking this Gospel to the Nations.

 Our American team of thirteen worked with Pastor Leno and seven other leaders in Brazil to establish or strengthen the Kingdom work in six communities.  We saw God bring over 350 individuals to faith in Christ.  We saw a Bible Study established with 29 people expressing interest and just coming to faith in Christ.  This village only had one believer prior to our coming. 

One final story.  A man I will call Nick tracked our team down wanting to hear how he too might find “peace with God”.  He tried interrupting us at two homes where we were sharing.  Finally on the streets of Nova Olinda we were able to share.  He told us that we spoke to his Nephew and he needs what his Nephew got.  After sharing he too placed his faith in Christ.  He went on to tell us that he believed God was speaking to him about his life but could not make since of it.  He struggled believing there was even a God.  Now after our sharing and his attending the church he believes he too is called to missions and sharing this hope in Christ with the World.   

Until the Nations Hear,             
Romans 15: 20-21

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Greetings from the Haumschilt”s
“God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work”.  (2 Corinthians 9:8) These past many weeks have given Joan and I a refreshing realization of this truth.  While traveling, writing and meeting with people God has greatly renewed us in His presence.  The joy of His calling and the intimacy of His love abound as we experience His glory at a whole new level.  Thank you for your prayers for us and the ministry of Co:Mission.  The work God is putting on our hearts has come into focus.  The vision is clear: participate in creating Church Planting Movements around the world.  With God’s calling, we have had to learn more than ever deep dependance on the Spirit of God.  
August 5-13 Co:Mission will partner with World Wide Church Planters and travel to the Amazon Basin of Brazil.  This un-reached area is one of the most responsive regions in the world to the gospel. The doors are open and the needs are huge.  Our team of thirteen Americans and eleven Brazilians will be working in four to six areas to share the gospel and plant churches.
The team God has put together looks outstanding.  The young men God has called to participate have a great passion for the Great Commission and the work of creating Church Planting Movements.  We are praying that several of these men gain a vision of taking more teams themselves into this strategic part of the world while the doors remain open.  
Thank you for your prayers as you partner with us for this strategic Kingdom work.
As always, we will share what God did when we return!
Until the Nations Hear,
Revelation 5:9

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Kingdom of God Expands in Haiti

Often the work of the Kingdom of God is difficult.  Sometimes there are many obstacles  to overcome and frequent moments of confusion to work through but in the end God wins and He gets the glory.  James reminds us... “let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”  You and I grow through perseverance.
Our recent Haiti team learned this truth well.  As God was refining us He was 
also using us.  We committed to work with Pastor Luma to plant a church in Croix-des-Bouquts.  Pastor Luma had worked to establish six leaders to help start the work.  Our team of ten had the challenge of sharing the gospel in the mile radius that surrounded the beautful shade tree where the new church would meet.  After a few days of sharing our faith and challenging the community to grow in Christ we set our launch service to begin the new church.  This new group of believers would soon be handed over to the care of Pastor Luma and his new leadership.  One by one and two by two they came.  Many carrying their seats and all arriving late.  By the end, over 130, mostly new believers, gathered to launch the work for God’s glory.   Pastor Luma, who was deeply moved and greatly encouraged said, “I would have to work for years to see this kind of results for God’s Kingdom...thank you so much.”  No, thank you pastor for the privilege of partnering for the Great Commission.  

God also allowed us to work in Cannan to advance the Gospel.  We spent a full day with Pastor Genas with three teams canvasing door to door.  Cannan is a new village next to Jerusalem along the hillside outside of Port-au-Prince.  The extreme poverty was difficult for several of our team members.  This area was established as a refuge for those leaving Port-au-Prince after the earthquake.  In all we saw twenty give their lives to Christ.  As a result, the work in Cannan was built up and  the leaders were very encouraged.  That work is currently seeing over a hundred gather for worship now.  We also spent a day working with the mother church at the request of Pastor Reague.  God brought many to the saving knowledge of His Son and we experienced many miracles of God breaking  through the hearts of the obstinant and apathetic.  Every conversion is awesome but watching lives change before your very eyes is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Our last day in Haiti provided an experience our entire team will never forget.  Many of you recall Co:Mission planting a church and building a building for the ministry in La Saline earlier this year.  This area has been very heavy on my heart for months.  I have wanted to help with the overwelming need for food in this very impoverished village.  Many of the children are eating mudd cookies and dying of malnutrtion.  Through a partnership with our friends in California and Hope for Haiti we were able to bring a small amount of relief to that village by making 1400 meals available to moms of starving children.  We were all visibly moved to tears walking away from the distribution.  I can’t remember when I was more overwhelmed with human need than on this visit as we shared meals with these precious people.  Knowing that the distribution will continue through the gifts of Hope for Haiti and the new church leaders in La Saline was comforting. We Praise the Lord for all of you who have sacrificially given to make this happen.

To God be the Glory!  It is a great work that He has done and continues to do.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joining With Others for Greater Impact

God said it Himself, “I desire that none should perish but all come to repentance” 2 Peter 3:9.  This truth has been driven deeper into my soul having met with the International Mission Board Executive Staff and Christian World Leaders these past few days in Richmond, Virginia.

 If this is God’s heart for all humanity then what is mine?

For much of our time together we discussed the 6,682 unreached people groups around the world, 3,501 of which are not only unreached but unengaged [meaning there is no missionary, church or agency at work to bring the gospel to these people groups].  God’s Word says, “This Gospel of the Kingdom must be proclaimed throughout the whole world, as a testimony to the nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) If I truly understand that I had better be concerned about these 3501 people groups who have no access to the Gospel.   We have the resources necessary to make it happen.  We have the command of God to make it happen.  We have the Spirit of God to make it happen.  We have the Word of God to make it happen.  Do we have the will of God to see His will be done on earth as it is in heaven?

Co:Mission ministry will be joining with the International Mission Board and other leading ministries through the Fellowship of Baptist World Ministries to intensify it’s focus to engage these people groups scattered around the world.   This is truly the greatest time to be alive to preach the gospel.  God is moving throughout the world to bring thousands to Himself. The most amazing part: people not only want to hear but are ready and willing to follow Christ like no other time in Christian history. According to the current reports from around the world, God is moving in unprecedented ways. In some areas, 30,000 a day are coming to Christ.

The great commission is grabbing hold of my heart.  What we can do through proclaiming the Word of God, for the glory of God by the Spirit of God through the church of God is breathtaking.  “I make it my ambition to preach the Gospel, not where Christ has already been named, least I build on another man’s foundation.  But as it is written, those who have not been told will see and those who have not heard will understand”. 

Mark with Dr Tom Eliff, President of the International Mission Board

Friday, January 13, 2012

Home From Haiti

Greetings friends.  Boy is it ever good to be back on U.S. soil!  Our recent trip to Haiti, though filled with many trials and difficulties, was a great success.  Our God is so faithful! We left with ten individuals who love God and wanted to serve Him in Haiti.  We returned stronger and more impressed that through difficulty God is strong and ever so faithful.

By the grace of God we were able to start and complete a building for Kingdom use in La Saline on this trip.  We were also able to preach and worship with over one hundred and fifty new believers at a service in the new building on Sunday.    
God also allowed us the opportunity to preach and worship with over twenty five hundred in the main church in Port au Prince that same day. We experienced a great move of God’s Spirit.

The words of the scripture in Matthew 24:14  “And this gospel of the Kingdom must be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to the nations…” became our theme of the week.  As a team the Lord allowed us the privilege of sharing the Gospel with over a thousand Haitians in both Jerusalem and La Saline.   It was such an encouragement to me to see all of these young men involved and passionate about proclaiming the message of the Kingdom.

We saw over three hundred and fifty surrender to follow Christ

Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you to all of our team members who persisted in faithfulness to God and obedience to His call.  Paul says in 2 Corinthians 6:17, “these momentary light afflictions are producing for us an eternal weight of glory”.  A mission in Haiti is a unique experience.  I now understand better what people mean when they say, “It was horrible but praise God it was awesome.” Truly God’s mercy is new every morning and great is His Faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:23 

All Glory be to God who, by His grace, has allowed Co:Mission Ministry to be a part of  planting six new church starts this past year.
Until the Nations Hear,

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from the Haumschilt's

Joan and I want to wish you and your family a blessed New Year.
We are sure God is putting many hopes and dreams in your heart for this upcoming year.  As you abide in Him and walk in His truth know that He will be honored and by His promise you will find blessings.  (Psalms 1)
Pray for us as we head to Haiti with a team of ten.  Our goals will be to erect a building in La Saline so the pastor can serve in the community.  We will work to advance the young ministries in La Saline and Jerusalem.  Much evangelism and training for both locations will be needed.  We will also be establishing a new church in Canaan.  Leadership development will be key as well as finding men and women of peace through which to build the work. 
Heading to Haiti is always an opportunity to trust the Lord.  Pray for our team as six of them have never served on the mission field before and sharing their faith in that environment will be new for most of them.  Oh Spirit of God bring a harvest for your glory! (Matthew 9:37-38)
In the past few months Co:Mission has established partnerships that will allow us to plant churches and make disciples in many areas around the world.  God has opened doors in Africa, China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Brazil and other South American countries. We look forward with great anticipation at what God will do through all of us in fulfilling His heart for the nations in 2012.
Until the Nations Hear,
Mark and 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Having the Fathers Heart

Over one hundred times Jesus makes reference to “the Kingdom”.  He tells us “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel”.  He goes on to say,  “follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men”.  (Mark 1:15, 17)  A genuine heart for the Kingdom means I will follow Jesus and I will fish for men.  Jesus teaches us to pray, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.  (Matthew 6:9-10)   Getting the kingdom right will cause me to get ministry right.  Getting the kingdom right will cause me to get church right and everything else right.  Ministry can at times be selfish.  Church can at times be man-centered.  You and I know  that impure motives can be a battle with everything.  The Kingdom of God is always King Jesus centered.
We preach a King centered Gospel not a man centered Gospel.  If I am going to catch the wind of God’s Spirit I must set the sails of my life to get in on building His Kingdom by following Jesus and fishing for men.  God’s heart is to see the nations of this world come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.  He instructed us to do this in Matthew 28:19.  He has told us that it is the one thing that must happen before His return, “this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come”. (Matthew 24:14)  As a child of God, I can not be content doing only what I like or what I might be good at.  As a Christian I must do that which pleases the heart of my Father, follow Him and fish for men.
It is exciting to report of the many moves of God going on around the world. Churches are multiplying and thousands are coming to Christ in unreached people groups.  People are choosing to follow Jesus and fish for men all over the world.  Joan and I had the opportunity to have dinner with two key Church Planting Movement strategists last week.  Ying Kia is  the gentleman responsible for over two hundred and fifty thousand churches planted in the past six years in China and Steve Smith, a student and facilitator of Church Planting Movements responsible for the South East Asia Region.  Both are seeing God’s Spirit move and work like no other recorded time in Christian History.  
When asked why this is happening both responded the same, “people are fulfilling the heart of the Father by following Jesus and fishing for men”.  I am asking God to help me see the big picture.  I want a Kingdom heart.  I know that within the big picture I must stay intentionally focused.  I know that following the King means walking by faith expressing obedience through my life.  I also know that if God took the time to step out of heaven, die on a cross, resurrect from the dead so that He could live in man’s hearts I must have as the highest priority a passion to fish for men.  
Join us at Co:Mission Ministry as we set sail to serve the King and His Kingdom by following Jesus and fishing for men.  “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”.  (Matthew 6:33)
Until the Nations Hear,
Mark and Joan with Ying and Grace Kai

Mark and Joan with Steve Smith